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Prior to joining UTEP, I taught as a Visiting Instructor at Wellesley College and a Teaching Fellow at the University of California, Merced.

In the Fall of 2022 I am teaching Public Opinion, Media, & Technology (POLS 3313).


Links to syllabi for each of the following courses are forthcoming.

Classes I have most recently taught:

Public Opinion (Spring 2021, University of California, Merced)

Political Psychology (T3 - Spring 2021, Wellesley College)

Classes I have previously taught:

The Presidency (2019 departmental teaching award)

  • structured as a class to understand how the Office of the Presidency operates (institutional focus) and how we select people into the Office of the Presidency (behavioral focus)

Political Psychology

  • structured to understand how psychology is used to answer political questions, how people process political information and navigate their political worlds, the role of biology in political cognition and behavior, and how to consume experimental social science research

Voting Behavior, Campaigns, and Elections

  • structured as a project-building course that allows students to learn the fundamentals of the topic while applying the concepts to the 2020 Presidential Election

Classes for which I have been a teaching assistant:

Introduction to American Politics (8x)

Political Psychology

The Presidency

I prioritize adaptivity and flexibility in my approach to teaching. I believe universal design for learning helps boost inclusivity and strive towards equity in the classroom to give all students a more beneficial educational experience. Teaching at University of California, Merced, a minority-majority and largely first generation institution, has reaffirmed my belief that instructor adaptivity and a student-centered teaching style are an important foundation to every course.

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